The Invasion of a prison camp?

Einstein complained that the Zionists were not doing enough to reach agreement with the palestinian Arabs.
The History and Morals of Ethnic cleansing.
Victoria Bruch- Counterpoint

On the 2 June 1948, Sir John Troutbeck wrote to the foreign secretary, Ernest Bevin, that the Americans were responsible for the creation of a gangster state headed by an “utterly unscrupulous set of leaders.”
How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe.
Avi Shlain - Guardian 09/01/2009


Gaza Tunnels

Well they didn’t invade Iran - Yet
But now they invade ‘The Gaza strip’

Gaza Crisis

Norman Finkelstein 04/01/2009

The US will not restrain it’s ally Israel

It must have been hard as an Israeli soldier
waiting - waiting.
Till now!
The most densely populated piece of land in the world.
4 500 people per square mile.
Cockpit videos
show the thoughtful accuracy.
Do they really think we’re that naive?

Outrage at Israel’s attack on UN school.

More children among Gaza dead.

40 years of ignored UN resolutions

Why Israel went to war in Gaza
Chris McGreal - Guardian 04/01/2009

What kind of security will this barbarism bring Israel?
Saree Makdisi - Counterpunch 07/01/2009

Live twitter updates on Gaza

An eye for an eyelash: The Gaza massacre from Media Lens

Steve Bell on Gaza

Terribly bloodied. Still breathing.
Caoimhe Butterly - Counterpoint

I felt it was my duty to protest.
Chris Arnot - Guardian 20/01/2009

Gaza’s destruction revealed.

Landscapes of Occupation

From Alternate Focus

Guardian investigation uncovers evidence of alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza
Palestinians claim children were used as human shields and hospitals targeted during 23-day conflict

Clancy Chassy & Julian Borger Guardian 23/03/2009

But it’s the “uncovering” and “alleged” that gives it an unreal conditionality.

Take a look at the T-shirt

And yet we mustn’t judge them?

Don't judge Israel's 'war crimes'
Accusations of war crimes in Gaza need to be thoroughly investigated before any real conclusions can be reached

Uri Dromi - Guardian 24/03/2009

But if you need convincing take a look at the
photos of the use of white phosphorous. from Human Rights Watch and their report, ‘Rain of Fire’.

Israel accused of indiscriminate phosphorus use in Gaza
Human Rights Watch report claims Israel committed war crimes in its use of air-burst white phosphorus artillery shells

Rory McCarthy - Guardian 25/03/2009

Tales of War Crimes
Thank God, It Was Only Rumors
Counterpunch 01/04/2009