Google Tax

The Bermuda Triangle
The Google Tax

Google doesn't see why it should pay tax
The laws connive.
It's not the only one
but let's focus.

0% corporation tax in Bermuda.
That Island that mustn't be

Book your profits in the UK
to a subsidiary in Ireland.
Send them on a little
trip to The Netherlands
Return them to Ireland.
Zip them off to another
Irish company based in Bermuda
You get a money mountain.

$43 Billion

Dear George back in 2014
shouted from the rooftops
That's what they should be paying!
Wouldn't work with the rest of
I wonder why?

Creates his own deal of
£130million on an estimated
£7.2Billion over the last ten years.

This is what he meant by
“While we offer some of the lowest business taxes in the world,
we expect those taxes to be paid - not avoided.”

“My message to those companies is clear:
we will put a stop to it.
Low taxes, but low taxes that are paid.”

Clearly our business tax rates are not
low enough for UK to become
part of the Bermuda Triangle.
We will lower the rate until you're
prepared to pay.

And there we have it!

'The Google Tax'