April 1st

April 1st 2013
The coalition of the nasty.
Just got nastier.
The Bedroom PollTax moment.

Attack this. Blame that.

Attack the poor.
Attack the disabled.
Attack care services for the elderly.
Attack the NHS.
Attack the taxes of the wealthy (not pay as much)
Attack legal aid.
Attack the funding of council tax benefits.

Blame the immigrants.
Blame the poor.

They really like to kick a person when they are down.

And the dear old work and pensions says he could live on
the £53 per week of lowest rate jobseekers allowance.
Well as he is the chief job seeker in the country
(Work and Pension Secretary)
perhaps he should pay himself £53 a week until he’s found all
those jobs that people need to start paying taxes to solve
the manufactured debt crisis.

Sheer Ineptitude.
Or just plain Nasty.
A toxic synergy more likely.
Keep cutting
(More suffer)
and yet
they are still borrowing more.
(A few make a killing)
both metaphorical and actual.

But then again,
they rest assured in the knowledge
that Britain has run a national debt for more than 300 years
has not defaulted in all that time.
So what gives.

Every one except for them.

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Work and pensions secretary says he would be able to survive on lowest rate of jobseeker's allowance given to adults under 25