Mrs Thatcher

Why does Mrs Thatcher deserve a ceremonial funeral?
Full military honours and all guns blazing.
A thing of imperial past
and largely undeserving.
Is this what makes Britain great?
Rewarding people when they are so right!

She divided and ruled
Caused agony and despair
Spent all the oil money
Sold off all the gold and silver
Imploded our country to the
‘Big Bang’

How many hours did they need to
whitewash this legacy?
Actually quite few.
More than any previous Prime Minister.

It didn’t work
We have a National Health Service that treats millions of people every year without charge.
We have a State Education Service that educates millions of children
and young people every year. That despite all the rhetoric is about as ‘good as it gets’.
We have a Public Sector that provide millions of people with essential services every year.
It certainly tries to makes ‘work pay’ through the benefits system.
We have gay marriage.
There is no capital punishment.
Countless changes in societal beliefs and mores.

In many ways there is no legacy.
Britain is more resilient.
Society wants these things and more.
Even in the face of there not being one.


Listen to society.
Go quietly to your grave
without pomp and circumstance.