What a day!


The trickle most have been labouring under

defies gravity

The trickle has turned into

9.5 times

the bottom


by the top.

from 7

Since maggie and ronnie

While 10% poverty could be

stigmatised, marginalised and forgotten

the gravity of 40% tells an OECD worrying tale.

“The wealth gap holds back the UK”

And now we have food banks


‘people only need them because they are there’


‘Poor people just don’t know how to cook’

Did I mention

stigmatised, marginalised and forgotten.

Whereas the Lords of the Realm must have

good champagne while they rubber stamp laws that

stigmatise, marginalise and forget

what it’s actually like to live in this country.

And while we remember the Great War for

it’s barbarity

We tend to forget the huge number of civilians

that died in the Greater War that followed.

Even greater barbarity.

And now



‘just a stain on our values.’

Skid marks and a drop of oxy

(call it a report)

that’ll do


brutal and ineffective

rectal rehydration

rectal feeding

staged mock executions

sleep deprivation

water boarding

At least 100 tortured to death


redactions aplenty

What about our cooperation Tony?

And of course

There were no weapons of mass destruction