Bye Bye Vince

Vince Cable

Poor deluded fellow.
As if we care.

Mentions raising interest rates.
Warns of London being inhabited
by bankers and foreigners.
Wealthy ones though.
Not from Bulgaria or
any where like that.
(Must be poor and totally undesirable.)
Not that they actually want to come here!

Raise the rates
It’s the only way
So we pay for bailing them out.
We lose the NHS, Education, Libraries
Suffer food banks on a politically ignored scale.
Return the State to1948
Ignore the complexities of the 21st century
Now pay again so the bankers can have more
money to bet and gamble with
as reform there has been none.

Mr Cable
others of his ilk
will not survive

Vince Cable: interest rates may have to rise to combat housing boom
Business secretary warns of danger that London may be largely inhabited by 'foreigners and bankers' as house prices spiral

Patrick Wintour - Guardian 22/12/2013